Meet the actors…

We asked the actors in the cast of Death by Fatal Murder some questions for the compilation of the programme.  Unfortunately, we had to edit their answers due to limited page space, but here you can read their answers in full.

First, Graham Ford who plays Enzo Garibaldi

IMG_2858 IMG_2860

What other ALP productions have you been in? 

• Katherine Howard
• Merry Wives of Windsor
• Our Countries Good
• Humble Boy
• Daisy Pulls it Off
• Lucky Sods
• Tea In a China Cup
• Pygmalion
• The Herbal Bed
• Out of Order
• Fairway to Heaven
• Hay Fever
• Who Goes Bare
• The Shell Seekers (also Directed)
• Sitting Pretty
• Separate Tables
• A Touch of Danger
What other drama experience or interests do you have?
• Directing
• Assistant Directing
• Stage management
What appeals to you about your character?
• His Italian Accent
What have been the challenges of your role in DbFM?
• Ensuring his accent doesn’t wander across eastern Europe, before it sets up home in Texas, or becomes an audible reminder of “Around the Horn”
What is your ultimate acting ambition?
• Done it, performed Macbeth, as Macbeth for audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe, I went with a great group of friends, who unknowingly made a dream come true for me (if that doesn’t sound too corny)

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