About the actors….


Anna Saffery plays the part of Ginny Farquar.

What other ALP productions have you been in? 
The Regina Monologues this summer – my first with ALP. This is the second appearance with the Players and first on the Henderson hall stage!

What other drama experience or interests do you have?
A few years study at University, with collaborative devised performances and workshops in the years after and a splash of Scare Acting too.

What appeals to you about your character?
I always wished I could have been part of the Women’s Land Army – the Land Girls was one of my favourite films as a child. At least I can pretend in this role.

What have been the challenges of your role in DbFM?
Not bursting into laughter/corpsing on stage – credit to all the cast for being so funny but that meant keeping a straight face could be near on impossible at times…

What is your ultimate acting ambition?
That’s too difficult to answer, I’d do many things if given the opportunity in the world of Performance – singing, dancing, acting I’m not fussy!

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