About the actors…



Here is what Welsh mystic, Blodwyn Morgan, aka Valerie Gale says about herself.


What other ALP productions have you been in? 

I think these are my previous plays, but I can’t find the relevant photograph albums, so there may be others I have forgotten: The Heiress, Dead Guilty, The Donohoe Sisters, Gaslight, Night Must Fall, Losers, The Regina Monologues


What other drama experience or interests do you have?

Also a member of KLP and have been in many of their productions: serious plays, comedies, pantomimes, music halls. I sing and I have a rudimentary knowledge of tap dance!


What appeals to you about your character?

I just enjoy her utter Welshness! And she too has her secret….


What have been the challenges of your role in DbFM?

Stopping my Welsh accent slipping into Liverpudlian.


What is your ultimate acting ambition?

The parts I really wanted have sometimes come my way, but not always. I don’t think I have any ambition to play any other part now (except perhaps a role in Dancing at Lughnasa), but who knows what may happen.

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