About the actors…




Roger Gotts plays Squadron Leader ‘Stiffy’ Allwright.  These are his answers to the questions for the programmes.

Previous ALP productions/Other theatrical experience etc: quite a few over more than 35 years; some early favourites were Waters of the Moon and Diary of Anne Frank, in both of which I acted with Annette; in the last couple of years I’ve been in Letter from the General and The Herbal Bed, and had the great privilege of directing a brilliant cast in Abigail’s Party (you may recall some of these). I also stood down this year after 7 years as Chair of ALP.

Apart from ALP I’ve done the odd panto over the years, and started in amdram at the Pump House many, many years ago. I enjoy going to the theatre of course (and increasingly, opera).
I think the thing I have most in common with my character is the name! But he’s a decent sort, and a bit over the top which will be interesting to keep up.
Not sure about my ultimate acting ambition – to remember all my lines and to be in right place place at the right time, perhaps. Or to play Malvolio – but that’s never going to happen! Forget ambition – it’s just great to be acting with such a talented cast (carpe diem).

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