‘The compressed production schedule was perhaps something that worked against us, and I would handle differently if I found myself in the same position in the future.’

‘Having said that I was blown away by the commitment of the members who came on board and gave it their best shot to bring everything together.’

‘I enjoyed the challenging mix of new talent, seasoned performers and role sharing that went in to the piece and managed to blend together despite the minimal rehearsal time; it was an incredibly feat.’

‘It was great fun working with friends who helped out with original music, narrative, support and sheer enthusiasm, all helping to interpret my ideas.’

‘The biggest regret was that we were unable to persuade more of the public to come and see it, but it was great fun having a cup of tea and a chat with those that did make it.’

‘I’m hugely grateful to everyone who contributed, right through from the preparation to the staging.’

‘I hope everyone involved with the next play, due to be staged from the 16th to the 19th of November, has as much fun as I did with The Face of Shakespeare.’

Gloria Keaveny