Director’s Perspective

Twenty years ago I watched a brilliant performance of ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’, by the Company of Ten (St Albans) – promptly fell in love with this masterpiece of a play, and have always hoped to direct it one day. Well, twenty years later, here we are!

Frank McGuinness’ piece is hugely demanding of its cast, requiring not only wide-ranging acting skills, but physical stamina as well; ‘on stage’ throughout the action, each character is ‘on’ the whole time.

It has been richly rewarding to work with three highly committed actors, seeing them tease out the depths or their individual protagonists, and building the storyline of their incarceration; set in Beirut some twenty five years ago, their plight is just as relevant today.

The hostages experience wild mood swings – sometimes supportive of one another, then full of anger and fight – but unable to touch, chained as they are; reversions to childhood – some happy, some not – even centuries-old national hatred surfaces – inevitably it all comes back to their frustration and fear of not knowing whether they will be released – or even will they live or die?

Please come along and find out. Join us at the Henderson Hall from 29th March to 1st April – this is a play that you won’t forget – yes, there are tears – but plenty of laughs as well.

Sylvia Pool

Summer Production

Abbots Langley Players’ July play is “Summer End” by Eric Chappell, a sort of murder mystery set in an old people’s home. The cast comprises four women and one man: two elderly ladies aged at least 70 +, one of when is feisty and forthright (a.k.a awkward and rude) while the other is much more “traditional old lady” but by no means slow. There is a sharply-spoken manageress of the care home, and a somewhat hostile care assistant, and the man, a little bad-tempered, is the son of one of the elderly ladies.

There will be a reading of this on Thursday 19th January at 8 pm in the Abbots Barn, with auditions the following week, Tuesday and Thursday 24th and 26th January. Anyone is welcome to come to the reading and to audition. If you’re interested but not sure where the Barn is, please contact the director, Jean James, .

Performances will be on 5th to 8th July 2017.

Chairman’s update



Abbots Langley Players are presenting Frank McGuinness’ ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’ from 29th March to 1st April in The Henderson Hall. Come and see how three very different men react to being held captive in 1990’s Beirut. Chained, they cannot reach each other, and their characters are anything but compatible – so expect rage, frustration, fear, stress – but a growing support and understanding as well, interspersed with reversions to childhood, and juvenile enactments of wished-for treats. This is a play that you won’t forget – join us – you’ll laugh weep, and tremble for our trio!