Mike Jenkins answers questions on playing the part of Adam, the American hostage, in “Someone who’ll watch over me”

What was your last play with Abbots Langley Players?
My last play with ALP was ‘Over The River And Through The Woods’. That was in 2011. Since then I have done a couple of small parts, but nothing major as university kept me pretty busy.

This is quite a demanding role – why did you choose it to make your return?
I chose this play to come back to ALP because it’s a project I can really get behind, the script is moving and the part is challenging, it’s not the sort of show that you could see at any given amdram society on any given weekend. While the crowd pleasers are good fun, I believe this is a truly special piece of theatre.

Is it a tough play for the audience?
It is a very moving show and I suspect it will put people out of their comfort zones at times, and while I don’t particularly enjoy making people feel uncomfortable, I think it is worth it for this thought provoking production.

There are moments of comedy – is it difficult switching, and finding humour in the situation?
It’s not difficult to find the humour in this sort of situation, I’ve always been a fan of a dark comedy

How are you getting on with the American accent?  I remember you doing one very successfully in “Over the river” a few years ago – so it shouldn’t be a new challenge?
The accent is a little more generic than the last show, which makes things easier, I do try to give each character I portray individual qualities which usually includes some sort of accent or speech characterisation, so business as usual really.

The play’s first production was 25 years ago and it’s about things that happened 30 years ago – how is it relevant today?
The play is definitely relevant today, it’s an example of how people should put their differences aside and overcome whatever problems they face together.

Why should people come and see it?
People should come to this if the want to be moved by a story of friendship flourishing in extremely difficult circumstances

What part would you like to play next?
The next part I’d like to play, apart from Baby in Mojo which is what I’m currently working on, is the iconic Stanley Kowalski.