Brian Hibberd talks about his part in ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’

How many plays have you done with Abbots Langley Players? (What was your first play?)

I’ve done over 50 plays now with ALP. The first one was as the doctor who, amongst other things, did a pig puppet play in Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Seasons Greetings’.

What sort of audience reaction do you expect? Is it a tough play for the audience?

I anticipate a mixture of emotions including shock, laughter and tears. It will be an absorbing play, serious and thoughtful but with moments of good fun. It is a bit demanding for any audience as they watch the way three men would react to each other in such a stressful situation. Some of the labguage and some of the actions reflected on are not what most of us would normally want to entertain. We’ve spoken about ‘adult language’. I prefer to call it ‘childish and immature language’!

Can you say a bit about the character you play? How do you relate to him? What are his strengths?

Michael is a rather pedantic academic with a ‘Brian Sewell’ approach to conversation! He has experienced tragedy in his life and has become something of a loner. He tends to live in a fantasy world of ancient literature, from which he gains great comfort. There is an inner strength in him which is brought out when life deals him its hardest blows. I’m enjoying playing him because some aspects of his character are not a million miles from my own – though I leave you to decide which!

The play’s first production was 25 years ago and it’s about things that happened 30 years ago – how is it relevant today?

People are still taken hostage and live under the threat of execution. The hugely significant change from 30 years ago is the rise of religious militant fanaticism. People are now more likely to be taken as hostages in the Middle East to perversions of religious faith and dogma rather than for political or financial reasons.

Why should people come and see it?

Because it’s a good, well-written play and there’s some cracking good acting!

You’ve been acting for a few years now – are there any plays you still want to appear in?

Either a Morse-type detective play or a love story which illustrates that love and all its associations are not just for the young!

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