Newsletter : November 2018

“LETTICE AND LOVAGE”: Performance week is nearly upon us. Tickets are selling fast, so if anyone you know needs a ticket, don’t leave it too long.

If you took flyers to distribute locally, please can you return any unused ones to the Barn by Thursday 8 th November, as they will be needed for the street promotion on Saturday 10th.

Lots of help is needed for set construction, set dressing, flat painting, tea making…. We shall be in the Barn on Saturday 10 th November from 10 am papering and painting flats for use, and then on Sunday 11 th assembling them in the Hub from 10 am. If it sounds like hard work, you will get a couple of minutes off at 11 am… If you’d like to help in any capacity, or just be part of it, please come along. I always reckon it beats cleaning the bathroom any day!

FUTURE PRODUCTIONS: March 2019: Annette is directing “The Actress” by Peter
Quilter. There will be a reading of this in the Barn on Tuesday 27 th November, with
auditions on Tuesday 4 th and Thursday 6 th December. As usual, if you’d like to be involved but can’t make any of these dates, please contact Annette.

November 2019: Roger Gotts will be directing “Ladies in Lavender” for us. More details later.
Summer 2019: We still have no offers of a play or director for this slot. Does anyone have a desire to do something, or any ideas?

OTHER PRODUCTIONS The Village Moonlighters panto is on January 10th – 12th , and includes a few past and present members of ALP, and also a REAL LIVE DOG (who will undoubtedly steal the show). Tickets aren’t on sale yet but don’t forget the date.

AND FINALLY It would be nice to have some playreadings in the New Year. Does anyone have a play that they think might be possible for production? Or just one that they would like to read for fun? If you do, or if you have any ideas, please contact me (Jean J).

Sat 10 Nov Painting flats in Barn
Sun 11 Nov Set assembly in Hub, also rehearsal 2.30 pm
Mon 12 Nov Technical Rehearsal
Tues 13 Nov Dress Rehearsal
Wed 14 – Sat 17 Nov Performances
Wed 21 Nov Trustee meeting
Tues 27 Nov Reading of “The Actress”
Tues 4 Dec } Auditions of “The Actress
Thur 6 Dec }
Wed 16 Jan Trustee meeting
9 – 16 Mar 2019 Play week for “The Actress”
6 – 13 July 2019 Summer play week
10 – 16 Nov 2019 Play week for “Ladies in Lavender”

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