Newsletter : March 2019

“THE ACTRESS”: A REVIEW: The feedback from our audiences was that they had really

enjoyed this play. It was fun to do, and working with flowers was lovely! Many thanks to

everyone who was involved, particularly the unseen backstage people, and also thank you

to Annette, the director, who kept urging people to be nastier and sharper (as we are all

naturally so nice!)

Annette writes:

I should like to thank everyone who helped in any way in “The Actress”, which was

very much enjoyed by our audiences. It is just a pity that there weren’t a few more

people for some performances.

It was a very happy production and I enjoyed the rehearsals with all the cast

working hard. Thanks to everyone for my plant and the robin, and I look forward to

our next production.

Thank you again, Annette

As Annette mentions, though we had almost a full house on Friday, Saturday evening was

very thin. We are not the only local drama group to be experiencing this. Maybe we should

not do a Saturday evening performance at all? Or maybe we should cut the Wednesday

performance instead?

You’ll notice that there is an item (not a proposal) on this subject for discussion on the

AGM agenda.

Which neatly leads me to. . . . .


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Don’t forget, this is on Tuesday 16 th April at 8 pm in the

Barn. Anyone can attend the meeting, but only fully paid up members can vote. You’ll find

the Agenda attached. And if you haven’t yet paid your subs, now is the time.


JULY PRODUCTION: On Thursday 28 th March (this Thursday) there will be a reading of

“The Children” by Lucy Kirkwood, to be directed by Simon. The play has three characters

and is set in a post-apocalyptic age. Hazel and Robin, a married couple who are both

nuclear scientists, live in the wake of a nuclear disaster at a local power station (the

inspiration for the play was the Fukushima nuclear explosion in Japan in 2011.)

Rose, a fellow nuclear physicist who Hazel and Robin have not seen for thirty years,

comes to visit. Has she come to re-ignite an old affair with Robin, or is there a darker


Auditions will be on Thursdays 11 th and 18 th April; if you can’t make any of these dates but

would like to be involved, please contact Simon ( , 01923

444619 )


FUTURE PRODUCTIONS On Tuesday 2 nd April there will be a reading of “Ladies in

Lavender”, our November play, to be directed by Roger, with auditions at a later date.

And in the summer there will be readings of two more plays, “Entertaining Angels” by

Rupert Everett, and “Sleep No More” by David Gillespie and Colin Wakefield. Both are

possible contenders for future productions. Keep watching this space – we test whether

you’re watching by swopping things about and then asking people what they remember!!



Thur 28 Mar Reading of “The Children”

Tues 2 April Reading of “Ladies in Lavender”

Thur 11 April Auditions “The Children”

Tues 16 April Annual General Meeting, 8 pm, Barn

Thur 18 April Auditions “The Children”

Tues 23 April Trustee Meeting

6 – 13 July Play week for “The Children

10 – 16 Nov Play week for “Ladies in Lavender”


LIGHTING & SOUND WORKSHOP: REVIEW: This was a very interesting look at how

plays are lit and provided with sound FX (well, obviously!) Simon made it seem less

difficult that I had previously felt it was, and I think several of us thought “Maybe I could do

that. . . . .”

Many thanks to Simon for showing us how to work the equipment, and what it does.


SAD NEWS Some of you may remember (or recall the name of) John Sutton, who used to

organise ALF when it was ALFA. (Yes, that does sound a bit cryptic!) Sadly he has died,

and ALP would like to extend our sympathy and best wishes to his family.


AND FINALLY – A FREEBIE For the last few years ALP has been offering free tea or

coffee to anyone in our audience who bought a programme. Deciding who qualifies has

been quite difficult to administer, so the Trustees have now decided that tea or coffee

should be free to any audience member, whether they have a programme or not. It’s a

small cost, and hopefully makes people feel happy that they have received a freebie!


AND FINALLY FINALLY I am standing down as Secretary after 29 years. Will I get a

gold watch for long service? Possibly not. . .