Newsletter : July 2018

“MIDDLE AGE SPREAD”: Rehearsals are going well, and tickets are now on sale. It has
moments which are very funny, though it wouldn’t be suitable for children, or indeed your
90 year old maiden great aunt (though I don’t know her, she may like a bit of naughtiness
and adult language!)
The get-in weekend is 21 st – 22 nd July. Helpers are needed from 1 pm on the Saturday and
all day Sunday from 10 am. There will be a rehearsal on Sunday evening (or as soon as
the stage is ready) so the cast can rehearse actually using the set (“I didn’t realise the door
was that far down!”).
Everyone who can help will be very welcome, anything from shifting furniture to making tea
(and indeed drinking it.) Remember, many hands make light work (well, actually Simon
make light work, but we’ll let that go.)
Street Promotion: Brian will be organising a Street promotion on the Saturday morning.
Please contact him on 01923 267391 if you’re able to do a stint. You don’t have to be
involved in the play to promote it, so please come forward to help.
There are still some props that we need: could anyone lend us six matching tall tumblers
to serve Pimms in? And we shall also need quite a lot of small plates / dishes for snacks
for the dinner party scenes. If you can help, please contact the props ladies, Jean (07941
424592) and Sandy (07974 940823).

NOVEMBER PRODUCTION: This will be “Lettice and Lovage”, a comedy by Peter
Shaffer, to be directed by Sylvia. There will be a reading on Thursday 2 nd August (the first
free week after “Middle Age Spread”) with auditions on Tuesday 7 th and Thursday 9 th
The cast is comprised of two men and three women, all middle aged or somewhat older.
Briefly, Lettice is the daughter of an actress who toured with an all-female company
playing Shakespeare’s plays. She has inherited both theatricality and eccentricity, and is
now employed as a tourist guide in a shabby stately home, where she enlivens its dull
history with her own over-imaginative fantasies. She is caught in the act and promptly
sacked, but is later visited by the starchy Preservation Trust official who fired her, and an
unlikely friendship develops between the two.
If you’d like to be involved but can’t make any of the dates, please contact Sylvia (07??

FUTURE PRODUCTIONS We have something in the pipeline for March 2019, so
hopefully there will be no panic about our empty calendar!

PLAYREADING: There will be a reading of “The Killing of Sister George” by Frank
Marcus on Tuesday 14 th August. There are four women in the cast, and briefly, the plot
concerns the ‘killing’ of aging TV actress June Buckridge’s character, cheerful district

nurse Sister George. June realises that this is the only job she is able to do, and has to
deal with the repercussions.
This play is a contender for a future production.

NODA NEWS Correction: Brian H. won the Charles Sumner Award, District 10, for Best
Male In A Play for “Michael”, in “Someone To Watch Over Me”. I said in the previous
newsletter that he was only nominated – but he won.
Many congratulations to him.

Sat 21 – Sun 22 July Get in weekend
Mon 23 July Technical rehearsal
Tues 24 July Dress Rehearsal
Wed – Sat 25 – 28 July Performances
Sun 29 Aug Clear up
Thur 2 Aug Reading of “Lettice and Lovage”
Tues 7 – Thur 9 Aug Auditions “Lettice and Lovage”
Tues 14 Aug Reading of “The Killing of Sister George”
11 – 17 Nov Play week “Lettice and Lovage”
9 – 16 Mar 2019 Spring play week
6 – 13 July 2019 Summer play week
10 – 16 Nov 2019 Autumn play week

AND FINALLY Attached to this newsletter are the AGM minutes. Just the thing for a
summer read! And coming shortly, the updated Membership list.