Newsletter : June 2018

“MIDDLE AGE SPREAD”: Rehearsals for this are going well, apart from the fact that as

yet we have no Box Office manager. Angela, who normally does it, is not available this

time, and we really need someone to step into the breach.

Angela will help to train the person who takes over, so there will be no worries about what

to do. If you can help please contact Angela (01923 519453,) or Brian (01923 267391), the

Production Manager.

The play is set in the 1970s, that decade of brown and orange, and we need a few items

of furniture. Would anyone be able to lend a 1970s style three-seat sofa, and / or three

easy chairs ? (or would anyone be willing to admit that they have these!) We also need a

low wide sideboard and two occasional tables. We will also need a 1970s style carpet,

though I’m not sure if anyone who might have one would be willing to uproot it….

As for props, does anyone have a Daisy Rothschild book that they would be willing to lend,

or to let us have briefly to copy the cover?

If you can help with any of these, please contact the bag ladies props people, Sandy (07

or Jean (07941 424592).


NOVEMBER PRODUCTION – URGENT So far we have no director or play for our

November slot. Unless someone comes forward to fill this gap we shall have to cancel our

Hub booking for November.

If you would like to volunteer to direct something, or you can think of something that we

might do that you would be willing to organise, please contact any of the Trustees (John

G, Jean, Beverley F., Beverley C., Valerie G., Pat, Sandy) by Monday 18 th June, or our

booking will have to be cancelled.

This is not a good way forward, and I hope we can find something that we can do.


FUTURE PRODUCTIONS SUB-COMMITTEE This consists at the moment of Annette,

Pat and Brian, and they are reading plays with an idea of finding ones that we might do

(and can cast). If you’d like to join the group, please contact any of the three (and while

they may find some good plays, what we more urgently need is a director). (Annette 01923

265751, Pat and Brian 01923 267391.)


PETER TOMSON We were very sorry to hear of the death of our President and founder

member, Peter. There was a lovely memorial service for him on Friday 25 th May.


Sandy writes:

The memorial serviced for our President, Peter Tomson, was full of thanks and love

from everyone who was there. There were tributes from Peter and Sue’s five

children (all doctors) and many friends, and an affectionate address was given by


We were so fortunate in the weather. The wake was held in Peter and Sue’s garden

and the Barn, and the flowers and plants were beautiful and at their best.

Sue, we should like to thank you for organising a wonderful service. Our thoughts

and prayers are with you.

We are giving a donation to the Hospice of St Francis in memory of Peter.


AND FINALLY there’s a NODA newsletter attached to this newsletter for your delectation.