February 2018


This is shaping up to be a really good show. We have sword fights, fighting with big sticks, and magic! We have a large and varied selection of animals, we have Father Christmas, and we have two very talented performers aged eight and ten (as well as the talented adults, which goes without saying….)

Posters and flyers are now available to be collected from the Barn on rehearsal nights (Tuesday and Wednesday next week.) Please come up to take what you need, and hand out lots of flyers to publicise this unusual play.

Tickets are also on sale, and are going well, but it would still help if everyone gave them a bit of a ‘push’.

On Saturday 10th March there will be the usual street promotion outside the Henderson Hub, when we hand out leaflets and chat to shoppers, passers-by etc. If you can spare half an hour (or longer) to help with this, please contact Pat H. (01923 267391) to help, that would be very useful.


This will be on Tuesday 12th April at 8 pm in the Barn. Any proposals or Trustee nominations should be sent to Jean ( ) by 20th March, and should include a proposer and a seconder, both of whom are paid-up members.

Please also note that only paid-up members can attend the AGM (unless they come with subs in hand!)

THIS LEADS ON TO SUBS, which are still due, and don’t in fact go away if you ignore them. It’s £22 for a Full member and £12 for an Associate –  you can give cash or a cheque to any Trustee, to be passed on to Beverley F., or you can pay direct into ALP’s account, no. 33490246, sort code 20-91-79.


10 -11 March Get-in weekend “LWW”

Mon 12 March Technical rehearsal

Tues 13 March Dress Rehearsal

Wed 14 March Rehearsal

Thur 15 – Sat 17 March Performances

Tues 10 April Reading of “Middle Aged Spread”

Thurs 12 April AGM, 8 pm in the Barn

Tues 17 April } Auditions “Middle Aged Spread”

Thur 19 April  } Auditions “Middle Aged Spread”

Thur 10 May First rehearsal “Middle Aged Spread”

22 – 28 July 2018 Play week “Middle Aged Spread”

11 – 17 Nov Play week for autumn production


How about having a go at doing Box Office for one of our productions? Maybe you’re being put off because you don’t know what is involved, or you feel it’s too complicated. Well, I will try to address both of these by setting out exactly what the job entails.

About six weeks before the production starts, the box office number is transferred to my landline, and I then answer calls immediately if I’m available, or return all the calls left on my ansaphone. While I’m talking to the caller I will display the Ticketsource page on my ipad (using my email address and password), and that goes to Abbots Langley Players’ production. Each performance is set out, which enables me to see instantly what tickets are available, and the required tickets are booked with the caller.

I can then print out tickets as I go along.

I arrive for each performance armed with the tickets, a front of house report, and a seating plan (which are all printed out just before I leave) and the tickets are then distributed accordingly as people arrive. The usually pay me when picking them up.

That’s it!!! Not particularly onerous, and most of the work is done behind the scenes.

I hope there is now someone who is now saying, YES, OK, I’LL GIVE IT A GO!!!!

Although I have enjoyed doing the job, I would like to be able to know that there is another person who can undertake this from time to time so I can be involved in other roles (not on stage!!) for performances.

So I wait to hear from you on 01923 519453.

Many thanks in advance,



If you want to be part of ALP, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best wishes

John Gordon, Chairman