Onstage and backstage

We put on three productions a year, generally in the Henderson Hub. These usually take place in March, June/July and November.

Before we put on a play, we hold open auditions. These are open to any member of the public with a desire to act. While you don’t need to be a member to audition, if you are invited to take a part and accept, you will be expected to become a member. Membership costs a modest £22 annually, payable in January every year.

Auditions are usually held around three months before the production and are advertised through email, text, the website and social media. Once the characters have been cast, we go in to rehearsals. There are usually two rehearsals a week on weekday evenings, although directors may sometimes slot in additional rehearsals as and when needed.

When we get to play week, it is important to have the best people backstage as well as on stage. Members who may not feel comfortable performing can get involved in building sets, arranging and organising props, costume, stage management, tea and coffee making and front of house activities. Without these members, we simply wouldn’t be able to put a play on.

2 thoughts on “Onstage and backstage

  1. Hi there, I live in Hemel Hempstead and am interested in getting involved (acting) with your group, do you have a newsletter and/or auditions open to new members? Best wishes, Lisa Harbron

    • Hi Lisa – sorry, we’ve only just seen this! We’ll get you added to our newsletter list so you can find out about future auditions.

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