Newsletter : February 2019

“THE ACTRESS”: Tickets are now on sale and we have publicity on Facebook (and

possibly Twitter as well – I don’t know as I don’t tweet!) Posters and flyers will be available

from the Barn on rehearsal nights, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from Tuesday 26 th February.

This is a lovely play with no rude words and only a few naughty bits (not even very

naughty). It also has some very funny moments, and some drama-related displays of bad

behaviour, the sort of thing that I’m sure never happens with ALP. . . .

The get-in weekend is Saturday 9 th and Sunday 10th March. Colin, our Stage Manager, will

need help, from everything from shifting flats (muscle) to papering and painting flats (DIY

skills) and making tea (indispensable). Flat-shifting from 10 am on Saturday morning, and

the rest from 12 pm. Please come along if you have the time – it’s more fun than hovering

or doing the weekly shop!

There will be a street promotion on Saturday 9 th , where we take it in turns to stand outside

the Hub and hand out flyers to members of the public. No more details on this yet but keep

an eye on your inbox.


LIGHTING AND SOUND WORKSHOP: This will be on Wednesday 6 th March in the Hub

at 8 pm. It’s being run by Simon, mainly for the benefit of ALP members, so come along if

you’re in any way interested. There’s a poster with more details attached to this newsletter.

Having more members with skills in this area would be a huge help to us.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Don’t forget, it’s on Tuesday 16th April in the Barn at 8

pm. With this newsletter are nomination forms for all Trustee posts. Please think whether

you’d like to nominate someone for any of these posts (or indeed, stand yourself), making

sure that you get their consent first, of course.

All nominations, also including the names of the proposer and seconder, should be

returned to me, Jean J., by Tuesday 26th March, three weeks before the AGM.

Any proposals for discussion or voting that you wish to submit, also including the proposer

and seconder, should be returned to me by the same date.

This leads me neatly on to SUBS, which must be paid before you can nominate anyone or

submit any proposal. Beverley is still waiting for quite a few; please make her happy and

pay! It’s £22 for a Full member and £11 for an Associate member. You can give cash or

cheque to any Trustee, to be passed on, or you can pay online into ALP’s account, no.


FUTURE PRODUCTIONS 1) Our July production will be “The Children”, a new play by

Lucy Kirkwood, to be directed by Simon. More details about a reading and auditions to


2) There will be a reading of “Ladies in Lavender”, our November production, on Thursday

28 th March at 8pm in the Barn.

3) Our play for March 2020 will be “My Mother Said I Never Should” by Charlotte Keating,

to be directed by Simon. Again, more details to follow.



Wed 6 Mar Lighting & Sound workshop, 8pm, The Hub

9 – 16 Mar Play week for “The Actress”

Wed 20 Mar Trustee meeting

Tues 26 Mar Last day for AGM nominations & proposals

Thur 28 Mar Reading of “Ladies in Lavender”

Tues 16 April Annual General Meeting, 8 pm, Barn

6 – 13 July Play week for “The Children

10 – 16 Nov Play week for “Ladies in Lavender”


AND FINALLY that’s it, folks.

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